HIStory: What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Day (Part 4)

As they are talking, another gentleman and I strike up a short conversation. His order gets called up, so he had to go mid-conversation.

Simultaneously, as we had been talking, another man had caught my eye. He was older, and he had a cane. The younger gentleman I was sitting next to offered his seat, but the older one declined. He waited until the seat became available and plopped down next to me.

By then, most people had cleared out. The older gentleman with the cane very clearly knew the owner. They made jabs at each other back and forth, laughing, and then in between, he would make conversation with me.

During this time, I got to learn a little about the gentleman with the cane, how he had known the owner’s father. But the owner’s father had passed away a month before. He had been sick for a long time. He, himself, had known the owner for a long time.

As we were talking, I get a message from the customer:

“Thank you for being patient. It’s is appreciated and your tip will reflect that.”

“It is my pleasure. Thank you, sir”

As I was telling my husband this story, my eyes welled up…and my voice broke.

Here I was worried about our situation. I was worried and anxious. I, additionally-in my eyes, messed up by canceling this guy’s order. Yet, I got the opportunity to redeem it, and while I waited I got to strike up two conversations. One of them being just the sweetest of conversations. And, I got to bless this man by taking his order to him while he had to work.

And God showed up in so many ways that day.

It is days like that day, that I am glad we have the habit of asking each about our days. I am glad that I got to share what happened in the sweetest moment of that day.

Because on a day where I had a hard time only thinking about myself, and my problems, God opened my eyes. He helped me to slow down, that day. To take time to connect with other people, listen to their stories, and learn about them.

And it’s these stories..the ones that start off with a “me mindset”, that move to an “others mindset”, and eventually the glory goes to a “God mindset”. He gets the focus off of me, back on others and Him…and reminds me that there’s a bigger picture. There’s a story greater than myself. Greater than I could ever imagine or comprehend. A love story. A God story. It’s HISstory.


HIStory: What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Day (Part 3)

I turned around, and headed back to the restaurant.

As I was driving, I got a message from the customer.

He said “I know the line is probably long in the drive-thru. It may be quicker to go inside.”

I messaged back: “Thank you. I went inside, but the line was still long. Do you think it will still go quicker even though the line is really long inside?”

“In my experience, it has.” He replied.

“Ok! I will do that. Thank you for the advice.”

So, I drive into the parking lot. Still no place to park.

But, I see one spot next to the dumpster and the exit to the alley way. I pull in, make sure the tail of the bed of the truck is out of the way, and I walk inside.

As I make my way in, I can see a gentleman walking in front of me. He’s a little older, and clearly physically disabled in some way. He peacefully opens up the order, and insists that I go ahead of him.

“Thank you, sir”. As we walked inside, I motion…”Please, go ahead”

“No, you go ahead.”


I wait in line. And, finally get the customer’s meal ordered.

As people’s orders come in, and they leave…more room opens up in a crowded waiting space.

I make my way to sit on a bench where a young man is talking to an older woman he is sitting with.

HIStory: What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Day (Part 2)

This particular visit was hard. We were tight on money. My husband’s grandpa had just passed away, so he had taken 3 days off of his extra part-time work. So, there was a little more month left at the end of our money.

Before we left, I worked my part-time delivery job. One that I can do to run errands for other people, and still be able to choose when I work.

During my hours, I was ready to get through these few hours and I was heart broken.

One delivery came a long towards the end of my hours. It was a place I had never been to before. We drive a big truck…and there were no places to park. So, I went in the drive thru. As I was waiting in the drive through, I sent an text letting the customer know I would have their order to them shortly. Well, I barely moved in the drive thru for ten minutes. So, I got out of line and parked on the side behind another car. I walked inside…and the line was just as long inside as it was out.

I walked out to my car, realizing that I had really messed up.

So, I gave up my order in hopes that someone else would come behind me and be able to fulfill this order quickly for the customer. I felt this was the best option.

However, when I drove off, not two minutes later the same order popped up. Usually, when I have had to cancel an order, it does not come back….

So, I thanked God for the opportunity to correct my mistake.

HIStory: What’s your favorite part of your day? (Part 1)

Most days, I ask everyone in our family a variety of questions. Sometimes, it depends on the day, how many and which ones I ask.

Usually, I start with “What’s your favorite part of today?”

I love hearing my husband and my kids’ responses. I can usually have a guess at what each person will say but sometimes, they surprise me.

And sometimes, they ask me back “What was your favorite part of the day?”

One day, my husband and I were getting ready to pick up our kids from school.

We were scrambling to get ready to head out of town for a weekend to head up to my sister and brother in-law’s house.

It’s become a tradition to head up there in November and go to Silver Dollar City and a festival at a local farm, Sycamore Creek Family Ranch ( https://sycamorecreekfamilyranch.com)

HIStory Intro

A while back, and inspired by HONY author, Brandon…I had the idea of a series that I wanted to write.

I wanted to write stories about small towns in Texas, and maybe even across the US.

I wanted to interview people in the small towns, get pictures of them similarly to that of what Brandon of HONY does, and as I interviewed them…I wanted to be in search of stories that were God Stories. They were His Stories. Stories of God’s goodness.

Fast forward through discipleship school, life, and learning.

I was typing out a story I wanted to share with you all. As I was writing, I began to realize that this was one of those God stories.

Except, it just happened. And it happened in my day to day.

So, I thought I would share.

This first story is a little long, so I will break it up.

I also didn’t get to document it with photos, as I had originally wanted.

But that’s ok, because when it comes straight down to it…its not really that important.

What is important is how God is moving. Every day. His word is alive. And He is still writing stories today and every day.

As these stories come out, they will be titled “HIStory:______”.

I hope you enjoy them..but more so, I hope you see stories of hope, love, kindness, and God showing up.

This isn’t bible replacement. Having a relationship with Jesus means reading your bible and more.

These are more like testimonies of Who God is, and how He moves. He is still ALIVE.