Mountain Climbing

Y’all know those older metal slides? The ones that are tall, steep, get really hot in the sun, and you go down them really fast?

My daughter had been watching her brothers, among a ton of other kids, go down this slide for the two days.

The first day, I was able to distract her and tell her that I couldn’t take her up it…it was too steep…..

The second day, though….she had enough. She saw that monster of a slide, and began climbing up it confidently. Like she owned it. Like she had done this a thousand times.

After about the second step, I -of course- had to support her all the way to the top…encouraging her all the way up. Going down the slide, with her. It was scary to see this little 2 year old climbing up this mountain of a slide, with no fear, whatsoever.

At the bottom, I realized something. I realized, that I could have missed a great opportunity

An opportunity to empower my daughter to do something big, no matter how big the obstacle.

And since that moment, she has continued to try new and scary things. This little 2 year old is learning the meaning of adventure and explore. She’s learning to conquer.

And these are the moments that make up the saying: Though she may be little, she is fierce.

I love that part of my job as a mom is to nurture our babies into the humans they will become. No matter who I think they should be, or who I want them to be.

If we listen closely, we can tune into who they are, and guide them to become the best version of who they are meant to be. We can teach them how to climb the mountains.

The Why Behind the Writing

Hi! My name is Jessica, and I am Rooted Mama!!

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed some new faces around here. . .so, I thought I’d introduce myself.

My family and I travel full-time. We homeschool while on the road, and we work remotely. And sometimes, we work camp!!

I started writing years ago, because I needed an outlet. Writing is therapeutic for me. I internalize my thoughts over and over again. Which, cranks up my anxiety.

SO, I started writing as a way to get those thoughts out of my head. To process. To verbalize all that internal thinking.

I’ve found that I love writing about a whole host of topics: anxiety/depression/mental health, marriage, parenting, education and homeschool, health and wellness, my walk with Jesus. . .and I LOVE sharing my passion of photography.

So, welcome AND thank you for following along this journey!! I’m humbled that you choose to take the time out of your day to read and join along!

The Pain You’re Feeling

11 years ago, this girl had NO IDEA that the pain she was going to walk through over the next few months and years….it would be hard. It would be dark. It would affect her relationship with her fiancé. It would affect her future pregnancies. It would take time to heal herself, and her future marriage.

If you have lost a baby- no matter how long you knew you were pregnant… your pain is real. I have no words for the hurt and pain you are feeling, because although I have been there…your story is different than mine.

If you’ve been feeling the hurt and the pain for days, weeks, months, years…yes, even after you’ve welcomed other children into the world…know that you are not alone.

I can’t promise anything to you. I can’t promise you a rainbow baby. I can’t promise the hurt will never go away. I can’t promise that around certain dates your mood won’t be affected.

But there is one who is a promise keeper. And it may not feel like it now, but He is sitting with you through your pain.

And if you allow it…the pain you are going through can allow you to grow, heal, and see that the days that were associated with deep grief and hurt…new days come and they can be associated with joy, love, and peace.

Advent Calendar and Plan


For the first time, I got us “all the things” to lead up to Christmas Day.

I can not wait until December 1st.

Tomorrow, I’ll go live over on my Facebook page to share what I got and where! And also, go over what we will be reading each day from the Bible.

If you haven’t already go like and follow Rooted Mama- and I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow!

Photo of the Day

Love this photo for a couple of reasons.

1. Silhouettes are fun.

2. At this moment, my little side kick is almost always at my side. I know that soon, she’ll be her daddy’s little girl and not long after she’ll want more to do with her friends than with us. So, I’m loving soaking up all the moments and all the pics.

Creating Habits

I’ve mentioned that creating habits takes time, and it may not be years until you see the fruit….

Here is one example.

I spent 2 weeks correcting my son. Gently telling him not to point with his finger. It can be considered rude. “Mom, I’m not trying to”. He would get so upset and cry. His frustration broke my heart.

“I know, bud” I’d tell him. “I’m not mad”.

“But, we want to be respectful to the people here and their culture…and pointing is rude.”

We would go over how you gesture with your hand open.

For months, when we got back home, he would point. That’s fine. We are back home…no big deal.

Then, one day…I noticed him pointing to something with an open hand.

Years later..

I find my son, excitedly, open gesture pointing to something he wants to talk to us about or show us.

It warms my heart that he remembers the culture, the conversations we had, and he took that piece with him, on his own time.

Here’s another example:

In the fall of 2017, my husband and I attended discipleship school. We graduated in December, and weeks later our daughter was born.

Almost immediately, we fell out of all the intentionality we had been learning.

And I was angry about that for quite some time. “God, why would you have us go through that…just for us to go right back to our old habits”.

Breaking old habits takes time…and it takes time to see the fruit of new habits and things learned.

Now, I can see in our lives the fruit of that intense time of intentionality with God and community” It took 2 years, though.

So whatever habit you are working to create…just remember it takes time. You likely won’t see the fruit of it today…

Sleep Away Camp Takeaways

This summer, my oldest son spent his first week away at Sleep away camp. And it was the best.

When we signed him up, I was finishing my last semester of teaching. And as summer came close, and began…I was focusing on one trip at a time. (We spent this summer traveling). So, when it came to planning for his week at camp, we waited until the last minute… Which was fine…but this year, I plan to prepare all year.

When you enroll with Kanakuk, you have a sign-up for “My Kanakuk”. This is where you look at your registrations, and the Kamp(s) your child(ren) attend. Inside your account is where you can find all of the info to prepare for the upcoming camp. The whole system is really put together well with a ton of helpful resources.

One day, I can go over all the logistics. But, today…I want to talk about my takeaways.


* Letting your kids venture out on their own is scary. Anything could happen, even in the safest places. And that’s why you have to let go, and let God, pray and lay it all down.

* It’s also rewarding, for them and for you. They learn skills that you can not teach them, or that are more receptive coming from other people. And you get to see them grow, and step into the person they are made to become.

* They are more adventurous when you’re not around. So, they will allow themselves to try an activity that they might not if you were there. Hello confidence. The director of the camp my son went to warned us about this, and let me tell you…my son started the year off more confidently than he has any other school year.

* You know that thing you’ve been praying for? It most likely won’t happen right then. But, if you let things just happen naturally, seeds will be planted. And, little by little you’ll see God move in your child. You’ll see the little nudges. You’ll see the softening take place. You just have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

* The best thing you can do is give up control. It’s when that happens, that you start to see everything fall into place.

* Through everything. The best thing you can do is love them the best way you know how.

* Pray. Every day.

*Write Notes. And leave them in your child’s bag. And, be ok with the fact that they may be having too much fun to read all of them.

If you have been on the fence about sending your child to sleep away camp. I hope this helps you to find that courage. It may not be for everyone. You know your child best. But, if you have that stirring in your heart, that this is something you should or could do for your child. I would challenge you to lay it all down. Take it one step at a time. And not let finances get in the way. He always works the finances out, when it’s His plan.

Be blessed.

~ Rooted Mama