Social Studies: Voting

Since we learned about voting, this week, we practiced by voting on a Fun Friday Activity!!

We made ballots, Voter IDs, and set up our polling location.


Social Studies: Voting

This week, we went ahead and started Social Studies. With the Election being last week, we talked a lot with our kids about what was happening. They asked a lot of great questions, so I decided we would do a unit on Voting.

Day 1: Read

Again, we started our unit with reading. Today, we read “One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote” by Bonnie Worth. It was a great book to start the unit. This book went over the basics of voting, and talked about the importance of using your voice.

The boys were able to make connections to the events over the past week, as well as, ask new questions.

I look forward to continuing this unit!!