HIStory Intro

A while back, and inspired by HONY author, Brandon…I had the idea of a series that I wanted to write.

I wanted to write stories about small towns in Texas, and maybe even across the US.

I wanted to interview people in the small towns, get pictures of them similarly to that of what Brandon of HONY does, and as I interviewed them…I wanted to be in search of stories that were God Stories. They were His Stories. Stories of God’s goodness.

Fast forward through discipleship school, life, and learning.

I was typing out a story I wanted to share with you all. As I was writing, I began to realize that this was one of those God stories.

Except, it just happened. And it happened in my day to day.

So, I thought I would share.

This first story is a little long, so I will break it up.

I also didn’t get to document it with photos, as I had originally wanted.

But that’s ok, because when it comes straight down to it…its not really that important.

What is important is how God is moving. Every day. His word is alive. And He is still writing stories today and every day.

As these stories come out, they will be titled “HIStory:______”.

I hope you enjoy them..but more so, I hope you see stories of hope, love, kindness, and God showing up.

This isn’t bible replacement. Having a relationship with Jesus means reading your bible and more.

These are more like testimonies of Who God is, and how He moves. He is still ALIVE.

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