30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 30

I’m grateful that God is who He says He is:

* Provider * Merciful * Patient * Healer * Just * Good * Creator * Unchanging * Faithful and * Holy

(Just to name a few things!)


30 Days of Thanksgiving: Days 9-26

This November has been the most oddly busy season. With our kids getting sick every couple of weeks, it’s been harder to focus on writing. That being said…I still want to share the things I’ve been grateful for during this season!

Day 9: My new devotional: Jesus Calling Family Devotional

Day 10: One of my favorite traditions is actually one of our weekly traditions. Friday is Donut for Breakfast and Pizza/Movie Night. It’s something we look forward to every week!

Day 11: Knife Throwing. Look it up!

Day 12: The actual color: purple.

Day 13: Summer. I look forward to summer hikes, swimming, and more free time.

Day 14: The crisp coolness of the fall air.

Day 15: My husband and kids- and the power of FaceTime.

Day 16: Good tacos!!

Day 17: Learning and training opportunities

Day 18: fun times with friends!

Day 19: I’m grateful to be home!

Day 20: Sleep. Allowing myself to rest and recoup when my body needs it.

Day 21: Early Travel Days!!

Day 22: My mom and dad!

Day 23: Being outdoors

Day 24: The sound of laughing kids!

Day 25: Time with family.

Day 26: Our Home.

30 Days of Thanksgiving: Days 3-7

Day 3: I’m grateful for the hard days. Showing up on the hard days, shows you what you’re made of, your areas of growth, and that you can do hard things

Day 4: I’m super thankful that my husband works from home. It’s made the transition from traveling full time to stationary life a little bit easier.

Day 5: I’m grateful for unexpected surprises that leave us feeling refreshed.

Day 6: For happy and healthy kids.

Day 7: My husband. He is funny. He’s creative. He works hard, and he listens.

Family Traditions

This time of year, I start reminiscing on the fall and winter traditions we have.

In October, we celebrate birthdays. We dress up on Halloween. We carve pumpkins. Some years, we go trick-or-treating, other years, we go to fall festivals. But, we always dress up on Halloween.

In November and December, we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. No matter where we are, or who we are celebrating with, we always try to do something fun together, as a family. A lot of times, this includes glow stick dance parties at night. Or just extra family movie nights, watching holiday movies.

I’ve learned that no matter what- it’s important to add in some fun!

What are some holidays you celebrate? What traditions do you have?