30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 30

I’m grateful that God is who He says He is:

* Provider * Merciful * Patient * Healer * Just * Good * Creator * Unchanging * Faithful and * Holy

(Just to name a few things!)


30 Days of Thanksgiving: Days 9-26

This November has been the most oddly busy season. With our kids getting sick every couple of weeks, it’s been harder to focus on writing. That being said…I still want to share the things I’ve been grateful for during this season!

Day 9: My new devotional: Jesus Calling Family Devotional

Day 10: One of my favorite traditions is actually one of our weekly traditions. Friday is Donut for Breakfast and Pizza/Movie Night. It’s something we look forward to every week!

Day 11: Knife Throwing. Look it up!

Day 12: The actual color: purple.

Day 13: Summer. I look forward to summer hikes, swimming, and more free time.

Day 14: The crisp coolness of the fall air.

Day 15: My husband and kids- and the power of FaceTime.

Day 16: Good tacos!!

Day 17: Learning and training opportunities

Day 18: fun times with friends!

Day 19: I’m grateful to be home!

Day 20: Sleep. Allowing myself to rest and recoup when my body needs it.

Day 21: Early Travel Days!!

Day 22: My mom and dad!

Day 23: Being outdoors

Day 24: The sound of laughing kids!

Day 25: Time with family.

Day 26: Our Home.

30 Days of Thankfulness

Join me, beginning tomorrow, on my annual “30 Days of Thankfulness”.

Some days and some years. . . It’s hard. Creating a spirit of thanksgiving in your heart takes intentionality and discipline.

If you find yourself finding the negative in your day-to-day, and you’re done with it- join me.

I think you’ll find a new habit, and a little bit of that Negative Nancy weed pulled out of your heart.

What do ya say?! Join me!

Our Journey Through Life May Look Different Than We Plan

Today, my younger son asked me for “oils”.

We were reading a story, and his arm was itching on a scab on his arm. I asked him what he needed, and he told me he wanted oils.

It’s funny.

5 years ago, I stopped buying essential oils for our family. My husband and I were in Discipleship School at our church. At the time, I felt like I need to stop buying them, to make room in our budget to help pay for D-school, our trip that was associated with that, and our daughter would be arriving shortly after.

I had a huge inventory for our home, so I was ok with setting aside purchasing any more for a short amount of time.

Well- that short amount of time ended up being five whole years. We are finally nearing the bottom of our inventory. . . and it’s made me reflective of the past five years.

From 2014-2017, I was consistently using essential oils and natural remedies to support my family’s wellness.

But, when I set them aside, so to speak, I have noticed that my family asks for them more when I ask them “what do you need?”

This really made me think. . .

Because, I’ve noticed that a lot of things that I thought were going to “breakthrough” for our family while we were traveling- I didn’t actually see progress on until these past few months, since we have been home.

My kids encouraging each other. My oldest taking responsibility for chores, without being asked. My kids being excited about Church and open to bible stories.

Time and time again, since February, all the things I thought would happen ( because I planned it that way, so of course it’s going to happen that way) while we were traveling, only started happening all this time later. . .

After two years of consistency and space.

I know that some of these things may seem very small or trivial.

However, it just really highlighted for me- that we are all on our own time table in our journeys through life. No matter what that looks like.

We can’t expect things to happen a certain way, on our journey, let alone other people’s.

Life happens, there are ups and downs, curve-balls are thrown.

No matter what it is that you are waiting on, things will come together in due time- whether it looks like you thought it would, or not.

Teacher Appreciation

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!! Be sure to thank a teacher today!!!

Make it simple! Write a note of encouragement! May is one of the toughest months of the year for teachers

Make it creative and practical! As the year is closing out, ask your child’s teacher what supplies they need to end out the school year. Create a small gift basket with those items!

Send him/her a treat- their favorite sweet, snack or drink!