Those Three Little Words

At this moment, I am sitting in the living room at my in-laws house on Thanksgiving Day. I have been reflecting back on these past few months, and I have to say that I am grateful for those times I have heard those three little words…..”I did it!”. Of course, often times, it comes out sounding more like a rebel yell from my 4 and 2 year-old boys…accompanied with a smile that says it all. I am thankful that my boys can feel a sense of accomplishment in the smallest of tasks. They feel proud. They feel secure. They feel autonomous. Their accomplishments, big or small, brings joy to my heart.

Why then, do we feel like our accomplishments are not known. Big or small. Seen or unseen. God sees our accomplishments. I know in my heart that He sees those accomplishments and thinks “Dear child, you are known. I see your work. I am proud of you.” Sometimes, I forget and I am glad that these reminders through my precious boys help me understand God’s love for us.

I don’t know about you, but some days I feel like a failure, unknown, or unappreciated. I am so glad that God reminds us to be thankful. When we give thanks and glory to Him, all of those things fade away.

So, on this Thanksgiving day… I am thankful for you and your accomplishments. Without you, the world wouldn’t be the way it is today. You are loved. You are known. You are appreciated.