HIStory: What’s Your Favorite Part of Your Day (Part 2)

This particular visit was hard. We were tight on money. My husband’s grandpa had just passed away, so he had taken 3 days off of his extra part-time work. So, there was a little more month left at the end of our money.

Before we left, I worked my part-time delivery job. One that I can do to run errands for other people, and still be able to choose when I work.

During my hours, I was ready to get through these few hours and I was heart broken.

One delivery came a long towards the end of my hours. It was a place I had never been to before. We drive a big truck…and there were no places to park. So, I went in the drive thru. As I was waiting in the drive through, I sent an text letting the customer know I would have their order to them shortly. Well, I barely moved in the drive thru for ten minutes. So, I got out of line and parked on the side behind another car. I walked inside…and the line was just as long inside as it was out.

I walked out to my car, realizing that I had really messed up.

So, I gave up my order in hopes that someone else would come behind me and be able to fulfill this order quickly for the customer. I felt this was the best option.

However, when I drove off, not two minutes later the same order popped up. Usually, when I have had to cancel an order, it does not come back….

So, I thanked God for the opportunity to correct my mistake.


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