RV Life: The Beginnings (2)

Because we had done a lot of research before hand, we knew exactly what we were looking for in an RV. So, when the time came to get serious…we weren’t budging on our “must-haves”: enough space that all 3 kids could have a space on days where everyone just needs, well, space, deep storage, and all 3 kids have their own bed, in which we don’t have to repurpose as another space.

So, we began our search. We looked at two locations in Waco, not finding anything we felt was the right rig for us.

So, Allen started searching online. He couldn’t find anything within a two hundred mile radius….

Simultaneously, we had put our house on the market, just after the New Year in 2019.

For two weeks, we were in a phase of keep-the-house-clean-and-find-an-activity-to-keep-the-kids-busy-while-we-wait.

And then, he found it. The rig we were searching for. Allen requested to be able to able to go see it. We got a response back that if it hadn’t sold that day, they’d lock it up until we got there the next day.

RV Life: The Beginnings

Early in our marriage, around year 3-4, I started wanting to live simply. I was overwhelmed with new babies, working full-time, and loads and loads of stuff. I originally wanted to buy one of those sheds you can buy from Home Depot and convert it into a little tiny home.

And, my husband wasn’t having any of it.

Then, a year or two later, my husband was watching videos on YouTube, and found schoolies. He wanted to convert a school bus into an RV…and live in it. This time, I wasn’t having any of it.

A year or two after that, I had gone on an overseas trip with my oldest. My hubby had taken our other two on a quick road trip to Mount Rushmore, and when I got back, the topic for schoolies came up again. This time, I was all in. So, we started researching buses, and RVs. We decided that an RV would best suit our current needs.

When we started telling people what we were planning on doing…we got a lot of support and encouragement.

The most common comment we got was “That sounds like something ya’ll would do”, followed by “ya’ll would be great at that”.

And because humans are curious in nature, then followed questions:

* 3 kids? How will that work?

* What will you do for work?

* What will you do when you’re done traveling? Will you come back to Waco?

* What will you do with all of your stuff?

* How will you cook?

*What will the kids do for school?

Photo of the Day

Did you know that alligators bark?

A few weeks ago, we went with my hubby’s Granny to the zoo. I don’t know if we were being too loud, or there was a zoo keeper nearby bringing food. . . But this guy let out a low, loud growl/bark. I jumped, and screamed just as loud. And then laughed at the realization that I never new alligators even made a sound, let alone a growl/bark.