Science: Fall Day 2

Today for science, we are starting off by watching 3 Brain Pop Jr. videos for my 1st grader: Fall, Seasons, and Trees. He will then re-read the books he read on Epic!, yesterday. As well as, have the opportunity to read any new books.

For my 4th grader, he will watch on Brain Pop: Seasons, Autumn Leaves, and Photosynthesis. He will also re-read books on Epic!, and have the opportunity to explore new books on Fall.

Brain pop and Brain Pop Jr, are monthly subscriptions or you can pay yearly. To see family and homeschool options go here. Otherwise, if you just google “Brain Pop”, you’ll see pricing for schools. I do not make a commission off of Brain Pop. However, I do want to share this valuable resource.


Go on a leaf hunt: we go on a daily walk. What I love about the location where we go on a walk, is that there are a variety of trees and plants.

Find a local location where you can really see leaves, trees, and plants changing. On your walk, identify different tree and plant types. If it’s doable, collect different types of leaves to bring back and identify. Use the non-fiction books that you are reading to classify the leaves. Sort leaves by color, shape, and size.

Social Studies: Voting

This week, we went ahead and started Social Studies. With the Election being last week, we talked a lot with our kids about what was happening. They asked a lot of great questions, so I decided we would do a unit on Voting.

Day 1: Read

Again, we started our unit with reading. Today, we read “One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote” by Bonnie Worth. It was a great book to start the unit. This book went over the basics of voting, and talked about the importance of using your voice.

The boys were able to make connections to the events over the past week, as well as, ask new questions.

I look forward to continuing this unit!!

Science: Fall

Day 1: Read, Read, Read

Today, we read fall books to prepare for the week ahead.

For us, choosing books off of has been a life saver. I downloaded the app. . . And, ahead of time, I chose fall books on each kid’s reading level. Then, they read them at their own pace, while I’m working with another kid on something else.

Then, we review one of the books together, hit on the main points, and answer some comprehension questions. I also love that the books on Epic has quizzes, so I can use that as well for comprehension checks.

Epic works best for us, because we have a small space. . . and there are a ton of digital books. I pay one monthly fee for all 3 kids, and don’t have to pay per book!!

Once they read one book, other suggestions come up. I love this, because they can keep reading to extend their learning. And repetition is important.

We will continue reading the same fall books all week, and they will have the option to choose new ones.

Another great idea is to hit up your local library. Same concept applies. Re-read and re-visit the same books throughout the week.

The Why Behind the Writing

Hi! My name is Jessica, and I am Rooted Mama!!

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed some new faces around here. . .so, I thought I’d introduce myself.

My family and I travel full-time. We homeschool while on the road, and we work remotely. And sometimes, we work camp!!

I started writing years ago, because I needed an outlet. Writing is therapeutic for me. I internalize my thoughts over and over again. Which, cranks up my anxiety.

SO, I started writing as a way to get those thoughts out of my head. To process. To verbalize all that internal thinking.

I’ve found that I love writing about a whole host of topics: anxiety/depression/mental health, marriage, parenting, education and homeschool, health and wellness, my walk with Jesus. . .and I LOVE sharing my passion of photography.

So, welcome AND thank you for following along this journey!! I’m humbled that you choose to take the time out of your day to read and join along!

Road School

Homeschool has been quite the journey…from trial and error in which curriculum is best for our family, to my husband and I switching roles as teacher….

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”Edward Hickson

Thankfully, I went into this year expecting for there to be bumps in our road school journey.

Curriculum we have tried:

School House Teachers- there’s a lot that I like about this curriculum. . . Unfortunately, it wasn’t the right fit during this season…I fully intend on incorporate this back into our curriculum, at some point!

So, we took a two week break. Now, we are using: The Good and the Beautiful.

We are loving it, and it’s working well for what we need!!

I look forward to sharing tips, tricks, and some of our lessons with you all throughout the year!!