26 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 6

Remember how I said that I needed this season of Thanksgiving, more than any other year?

A few days into transitional months are hard. That adjustment period.

This morning started off rough, with two kids throwing fits. . .right from the get go.

Thankfully, we were able to turn our day around by about 9 a.m. (for the most part)

Thinking over the day, though. . .

Today, I’m grateful for the small things. The mundane. The day in, day out stuff that happens, yes. . . Even on the road!

I’m thankful for morning cups of coffee while the kids play outside in the leaves. I’m thankful to have gotten another load of dishes washed. I’m thankful for play time at the playground, and daily walks to see the fountain show.

Small Town, USA: Branson

I absolutely love Branson, MO. And, I never would have guessed that it’s a small town. There are always SO many people there..but, I digress. Small town, it is.

So, Why Branson?

Well, you write about what you know…right? I’ve grown to know a little more each time I visit. And I get the joy and honor of visiting Branson, because my sister and brother-in-law are locals. So, that’s one of the reasons why I love Branson…because family.

The other reasons I love Branson, unfold, because my sister is a local. We hear stories about community. It’s a tight knit community…. that is more than the strip and tourist attractions. And, when you look close, you see it in everyday interactions of the locals.

It amazes me how giving the people of Branson are. And because businesses are made and run by people…it also reflects in their businesses.

Also, if you want to get in the Christmas Spirit…Branson is a great place to go. We were there at the end of October, Early November…and the streets and businesses were already beginning to be decked out in Christmas decorations.

So, I’d love to tell you about some great places to visit while you are in Branson.

Silver Dollar City- Silver Dollar City is easily becoming one of my favorite places to visit. There are rides and things to do for all ages. The food is amazing. And, when it starts to get dark…you have got to ride on the train. Trust me. I also hear there is an RV Park. I hope to stay there at least once.

Top of the Rock-This place is absolutely stunning. There’s a spectacular golf course, among many attractions, and a restaurant with exquisite food and a breath-taking view. Head on over to their website www.bigcedar.com to learn more.

Andy B’s– This place is so fun. Equipped with a bowling alley, restaurant, escape rooms and more. If you’re looking for a place to hang out, connect, build community, and make memories. Andy’s Bowling Alley is where it’s at. They also have other locations-look them up.

Branson RecPlex- We attended a community event that they do right before every school year. The community comes together to collect items for backpacks to hand out. There’s a lot to do while you’re there: Vendors, Jump Houses, Food and Drink, and more. As this event draws closer, next year…I’d love to keep you in the loop. Otherwise, you can head on over to bransonmo.gov to see the parks and facilities has that Branson has to offer.

The Landing- Can you say, Shopping? And food? One of my favorite features at the landing is the fountain. We could sit and watch for quite a while. Head on over to bransonlanding.com to see the shops, food, entertainment, and fountain schedule.