Snow in Texas 2021

Never in all of my life have I seen snow like this in Texas. Power outages, limited water supplies. And the grocery stores look like early pandemic days. Strangest thing ever.

Also- we have experienced cold winter at least once a month since September.

It’s safe to say, this Texas gal has had enough Winter to last a decade. Bring on the 100+ degree weather!

21 Days of Christmas: Days 16-21

I don’t know if it’s the funk of these last couple of weeks or what. . . But, I’ve been having a hard time trying to finish this series. Maybe because I haven’t been super cheerful. Sometimes, it can be a lot harder to write about something, when you’re feeling the total opposite. But, you know what, that’s exactly why I need to push forward, and wrap this up, as planned-ish. Haha.

I’m a big believer that talking about our struggles, and sharing how we overcome those are some of the best ways to shine light to those who need it.

And, whether or not I’m feeling particularly cheerful. . . the world still needs kindness. We all still need to keep spreading kindness, despite how we are feeling at any given moment. With that being said, let’s continue:

Day 16: Remember to show yourself kindness. I know we’ve done this before. And. . . It’s so so so important that you are showing yourself love and kindness first, and foremost. Without knowing how to do that, and show up for yourself, it’s going to be extremely hard to pass that along to others. Being kind to yourself is something to do on a daily, and regular basis. Do something, today, to show yourself kindness. Are you speaking to yourself negatively?! Turn that around to positive self talk?! Are you being hard on yourself about something?! Take a deep breath, and let it go.

Day 17: Show your community kindness. What is something your community needs?! Is there a road you drive by that is filled with liter?! Get you a trash grabber, some gloves, and a trash bag. Go clean up the side of that road. Of course, take safety precautions, and do your research! In some ways, meeting needs for those in your community may look different, right now. . .But, again, do your research, think about the skills and resources you have, and go show some kindness to your community.

Day 18: Clean up after yourself. Going out to a restaurant?! Tidy your table before you leave to make it easier for the wait staff to clean up after you!

Day 19: Send a friend flowers, and a thoughtful note.

Day 20: Send a struggling friend a care package filled with some of her favorite things.

Day 21: Do something to support a friend’s business.

Kindness is contagious. Spread it like wildfire. Expect nothing in return.

21 Days of Christmas: Days 8-15

Well, I lost track of time this past week, with it being the week of Christmas, and didn’t keep up with the 21 Days of Showing Kindness through Christmas, and into the New Year.

If you’re like me, you can get off track, and start again when you can! The goal is to keep going, even when you have to take a short break. . .

With that, here we go!

Day 8- Bring someone joy by painting a rock, and hide it somewhere in your community for someone to find.

Day 9- Leaving encouraging post-it notes in random places. Maybe at your work, the grocery store. Get creative!

Day 10- if you go out to eat, find out when your favorite restaurant has their weekly special. Order off of the special menu. Your bill will be lower. But don’t stop there! Leave a larger tip than you would normally be able to for your waiter, with an encouraging note on the receipt!!

Day 11- bring someone their favorite drink and snack!

Day 12- when you’re grateful for something that someone has done. Tell them “thank you”, and why you are glad they are in your life.

Day 13- compliment someone. Did they do a great job at work? Did they take out the trash? Did they go above and beyond? Did they show up? Let them know you noticed!

Day 14- bring the people in your office breakfast. Donuts, anyone?!

Day 15-going through the drive through? pay for the next person in line’s coffee. If you can only lend a small amount- that’s ok. Ask the barista if someone has ordered with the amount you can give, or pay towards someone’s order!

Times can be rough. Just remember to keep spreading the kindness!!

Just a little reminder. . .

We all have that someone we look up to. When we think of that person, we think “ahhh! They are living the dream!”

Today, is your reminder that even if it looks like their daily life is rainbows and kittens. It’s not.

Everyone has hard days. And that is ok.

So, if you’re having a day when you feel like you’re the only one. You’re not. We are all out here just trying to figure life out, sometimes, one day at a time.

So. Take a deep breath. Get yourself centered. And keep going.

21 Days of Christmas: Day 7

You know that neighbor that gets under your skin? Their yard needs mowing. They leave the trash can at the end of their driveway too long. The list could go on and on.

Is it possible that they have a lot on their plate right now? Maybe they’re dealing with anxiety or depression. Maybe they have a newborn. Maybe a loved one is in the hospital. Maybe they are a single parent. Who knows what they are going through!

So, for Day 7- kindly reach out to them. Get to know them, sincerely. You’ll learn their story, and about who they are. Offer a helping hand, show up and let them know you care. Maybe help them by bringing in their trash can for them. Maybe mow their front yard for them. Do something to show you care. It could be a surprise, if you already know them well enough to know they’d appreciate the gesture. Or you could offer a helping hand, before doing so, if you don’t know them all that well.

Acts of service are a great way to show kindness this season!

21 Days of Christmas: Day 6

During this next week, sometimes people get so focused on the things we “need” to do to get ready for the Holidays that we often forget to think of others. Instead of rushing through your to-do list. Slow down and smile.

Today, smile at that person next to you in line at the store. Smile at the person who cut you off. Smile at the person who huffed at you. Smile at the person who is flustered. Smile at the person whose kids are acting crazy in the store.

And no- don’t be sarcastic with it. Give ‘em a genuine smile. Let them know that you see them. Extend that grace! Just smile.