Relationship with God Changes

In the past, I’ve shared about my relationship with God, and what I’ve learned during that season.

However, for quite a while…I’ve stepped away from that.

I got to a point, where I realized a few things:

*I needed to do some heart work. Which, to be honest, will always be a thing…but I really needed to do some processing, working and healing.

*I really needed to sit and wait.

* I was completely at a loss on where my relationship with God was, and how that affected my relationship with others. Especially with my husband and kids. I truly felt lost…but not in the same way I felt lost before I found Jesus. More of a wait- “what’s happening” kind of moment. It was, honestly, a weird place to be in.

At this point..I’m still figuring things out…I’m relearning what my relationship with God looks like…and just still processing the last several years, and how change looks.

Right now, what I really want to share with everyone is:

* God is love and his promises are true- even when we can’t see it.

* Whatever you’re going through, whatever you’re feeling towards God- it’s ok!

* Although change happens, and change in my relationship with God and others happens…God is and always will be the same.

* For me: Being a Follower of Jesus, nurturing a relationship with God, loving others (and myself) and building relationship with others, and being the hands and feet of Jesus outside of the four walls of “Church” is what is most important.

*If your relationship with God doesn’t look like it used to. That’s ok. Even our relationship with God ebbs and flows. And just like our relationships with friends and family mature, so does our relationship with Him! So, change needs to happen on our end!

* My hope is that you know that you are loved beyond all measure by someone who can love you more deeply and unconditionally than any other, ever!


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