Health and Wellness Journal

Today’s Date: 11/10/19

Activities: Does chasing kids count? (It was a tough afternoon, y’all)


-Breakfast: Eggo Waffles with Honey, butter, and cinnamon sugar

-Lunch: Lunch meat and cheese sliders

-Supper: Spaghetti sprinkled with cheese and salt, a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds

-Snacks: lemon cake square, Hershey’s milk choc bar, snickers, sm pkg of skittles

-Drinks: Gatorade, Coffee with Silk Almond creamer and truvia, 20 Oz Water, 10 oz dr pepper

-Supplements: Fruit and Veggie Capsules, Omega Capsules

How do I feel? High anxiety this afternoon, hence the choc, Dr Pepper and skittles

Areas for growth: Nutrition, taking supplements daily, switching unhealthy habits for healthy habits on high anxiety days


Non-scale victory:

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