One Thing: The Following Four…or was it five?

The posts that will follow, are the areas that I’m currently working on developing. The first 3, I have had a pretty solid foundation to go back to, and have slowly re-developed over time. I feel like those areas are pretty solidly part of my daily routine.

The next 4, err, 5 I have not quite gotten down yet, but I still want to share where I have been, where I see myself going, and where I’m currently at.

Remember when I said you’re not in this alone?

You’re not. Most of us are continually working on growing in at least one area of our lives, whether we know it or not.

My start from the bottom, I have no idea what these areas are supposed to look like, but I need to grow them to get where I’m going, are…

*Health and Wellness/Exercise

* Daily education/ Personal development


* And my current writing process

I’m excited to share these with you! They are some of my biggest passions.

Don’t know what I’m talking about?

Head back over to the home page and start with the “Do these 5 things and you will succeed” post.


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