Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.


When I started writing more, this month, I told my husband that I wanted to reach 375 views by the end of the the year.

As the month went on, I saw that we just might hit that mark THIS MONTH.

Last week, when I started the “One Thing” series, I was blown away. Because, not only were you all reading it, liking, and sharing…but that goal was getting closer and closer.

On Wednesday or Thursday…honestly, I don’t know which day…last week was such a blur…I scheduled a post, we were within single digits, and I was at peace that we wouldn’t hit that number until I scheduled another post.

And then, I was blown away, again. I took a few days off of writing to support my husband…and ya’ll helped me to not only reach that number…but blow past it..up to 400+ views before scheduling another post.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you-for helping me to reach a goal and a dream.

I pray that this blog continues to bless you.

And now, we get to reach for another End of Year goal.

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