Have you ever been waiting, waiting, waiting, on breakthrough? A Decision? An Event or circumstance? News?

I don’t know about you, but every.single.time. I am impatient. I’ll admit, over the years, it’s gotten a little easier each time. And yet, I am so done with the process. It’s a growing phase, I am sure. But sometimes, I just want the process to go smoothly. What’s that saying…about diamonds being made under pressure? Sometimes, I enjoy the pressure. I know that something big will come from it, and I will learn something. This time. This season. I’m done. I just want to breathe for longer than a few minutes, few weeks, few months.

I just want a season, where I don’t feel like my head is just above the water.

I’m ready to soar.

Until then, I will keep finding the little moments. I will keep building a life designed to include breathing in the small spaces. Until the small spaces become wide open fields.

It’s funny, though. Even the fields aren’t as wide open as they look from a distance.

It takes time and patience to cultivate any type of field.

Maybe we just need to run through life like we would a field of sunflowers.

A field of sunflowers has weeds. It has obstacles. Yet, running through and around it feels so freeing.

So, we can….work, persevere, be faithful. Find moments of play. And when the harvest comes in, get ready to clear the land for the next season’s crop.


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