Sleep Away Camp Takeaways

This summer, my oldest son spent his first week away at Sleep away camp. And it was the best.

When we signed him up, I was finishing my last semester of teaching. And as summer came close, and began…I was focusing on one trip at a time. (We spent this summer traveling). So, when it came to planning for his week at camp, we waited until the last minute… Which was fine…but this year, I plan to prepare all year.

When you enroll with Kanakuk, you have a sign-up for “My Kanakuk”. This is where you look at your registrations, and the Kamp(s) your child(ren) attend. Inside your account is where you can find all of the info to prepare for the upcoming camp. The whole system is really put together well with a ton of helpful resources.

One day, I can go over all the logistics. But, today…I want to talk about my takeaways.


* Letting your kids venture out on their own is scary. Anything could happen, even in the safest places. And that’s why you have to let go, and let God, pray and lay it all down.

* It’s also rewarding, for them and for you. They learn skills that you can not teach them, or that are more receptive coming from other people. And you get to see them grow, and step into the person they are made to become.

* They are more adventurous when you’re not around. So, they will allow themselves to try an activity that they might not if you were there. Hello confidence. The director of the camp my son went to warned us about this, and let me tell you…my son started the year off more confidently than he has any other school year.

* You know that thing you’ve been praying for? It most likely won’t happen right then. But, if you let things just happen naturally, seeds will be planted. And, little by little you’ll see God move in your child. You’ll see the little nudges. You’ll see the softening take place. You just have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

* The best thing you can do is give up control. It’s when that happens, that you start to see everything fall into place.

* Through everything. The best thing you can do is love them the best way you know how.

* Pray. Every day.

*Write Notes. And leave them in your child’s bag. And, be ok with the fact that they may be having too much fun to read all of them.

If you have been on the fence about sending your child to sleep away camp. I hope this helps you to find that courage. It may not be for everyone. You know your child best. But, if you have that stirring in your heart, that this is something you should or could do for your child. I would challenge you to lay it all down. Take it one step at a time. And not let finances get in the way. He always works the finances out, when it’s His plan.

Be blessed.

~ Rooted Mama


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