Step on my Toes

We were visiting my husband’s grandparents in Lufkin, Tx. His grandpa has been very sick, for a while, and we haven’t been sure how much longer he will be here. So, when we get the chance, we head out to Lufkin for a visit.

One weekend in July, we decided to go out for a visit. During our time there, he spent telling us some stories, or giving advice.

And one of the most profound things that I took away that weekend came at one of the shortest, but direct conversations.

“When I go to a new church, I meet with the Pastor”, he said. And I tell him “Listen, I expect you to step on my toes. If you can’t give a message that is going to step on my toes, then I won’t be sitting in those seats.” He went on to say that there are too many people, nowadays, that are too afraid of getting their feelings hurt, and too many pastors that are afraid to hurt people’s feelings.

How true is that?

We need to step outside of ourselves. We need to allow and encourage our leaders, and people in our closest circle, the people that we trust, to speak truth, love, and kindness- even if they have to step on our toes.


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