Freedom isn’t Free

Freedom comes at a cost.

One thing I remember my mom and dad saying all.the.time. Is “Nothing is ever free”.

One time, we got a free dog at one of the daycares I attended. I don’t fully remember the conversation…but I remember mentioning something about a free dog. My mama taught me that the dog wasn’t free. We didn’t have to pay anything for him…but we (ok, my parents) did have to pay for dog food, water, bowl, etc…

I’ve always kept that, and other conversations like it, in the back of my mind.

Fast forward, and skip stories….

As I have grown, in life, I’ve realized I like expensive things.

I like running. Running is expensive- done right. You need to replace shoes and running gear, frequently. And let’s not forget to add in expenses for running races, travel, lodging, and meals for those weekends.

I like massages. Most relaxing self-care to date, for myself.

I also like getting manicures and pedicures, although I don’t go often.

I LOVE to travel. Enough said.

Growing up- and I can’t tell you exactly why- I had this mindset that enjoying expensive things, and having a lot of money was wrong.

But in recent years, I have found that enjoying expensive things, and even having a lot of money can be a good thing. Your heart just needs to be in the right place, and you need to make sure your heart is content in the things you enjoy. Because, if you’re always searching for the next best thing that’s going to make you happy….you’ll never be satisfied and find fulfillment in those things.

It costs to find that contentment. It means giving up all the material things that you have, to find out what truly brings you joy. It means continually checking your heart to make sure there is no jealousy, greed, or other negative seeds rooted deep in your heart. And that costs time.

Living in freedom comes at a cost. Some people give us that freedom, sometimes we have to work for that freedom, ourselves.

But in the end….it’s all worth it.

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