Get Back Up

I’ve spent so much time worrying about the things that don’t matter. Trying to figure out the exact right thing it is that I’m supposed to be doing. Trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

I find that no matter what I try to do, I don’t fit. Or it doesn’t work for me and my personality- no matter how passionate I may be. And I’m tired.

At the same time…in my head, I know that if I keep being persistent, if I keep doing the daily things…that overtime, everything will line up, and I’ll be exactly where I am supposed to be, doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.

And right now, I need to allow the character development to take place.

I don’t know about you, but being in this place can feel lonely sometimes. It can make you feel unknown and unseen. Especially, when you are passionate about so many different things, and you’re just trying to figure out how to make things work.

(Side note: I’m finding, you can’t make things work if you’re not meant for it. If you’re trying to force something-it’s not where you are supposed to be. Or you’re not ready for that area, yet. When it’s time…it will happen and everything will fall into place).

In the meantime, keep working on yourself. Keep allowing God to work in your life. Keep being diligent and persistent. Keep taking that next step. And when you fall, get back up.


Thank you for taking the time to read this today.

-Rooted Mama


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