Small Town, Texas: New Braunfels

Every summer, my husband and his family have spent time in New Braunfels. It’s a tradition. They rent out a condo at the Inverness along the Comal River. They have perfected the art of tubing down the river. Every year for 30+ years, there has been some combination of the family spending the summer relaxing.

Last year, my husband, our three kids and I missed, because of conflicting schedules, and jet lag.

This year, we went with a new spin.

As a whole family, we are out growing the condo. So my husband and I felt it would be best if we stayed somewhere that accommodates our little portion of the family.

So, we took our 5th wheel.

We hooked up at a local RV Resort, Hill Country RV Park– and they did not disappoint.

Amenities include a very nice outdoor pool, with outdoor games and daily activities nearby. A fitness center with an enclosed play area for kids. A playground. And an indoor pool, among many others that I know I am leaving off.

What I loved about staying there is that we had the comfort of home, with the added benefits.

Our stay was the week of the 4th of July- and we decided not to go see the fireworks. However, I snuck out when (I thought) the kids were in bed, and found a spot to watch the fireworks from the ground. Still beautiful. Little did I know, hubby and our two boys stepped out to watch fireworks that were going off close by.

I’d love to talk about other places we have visited and things we have done in the past in another post, but for this year…it was fun to start new traditions while learning how to keep some of the old ones.


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