What If?

Have you ever had a thought that kept rolling around in your mind? It wouldn’t quiet itself until you said or did something about it?

I remember in middle school having these “what if” conversations with my mom.

What if (insert circumstance that had a bad outcoume)?

Over and over. These thoughts have played out in my mind for a lifetime.

Thankfully, my mom once told me (something to the affect of): “Jessica, you can not live on “what if”.

How true is that?

My what ifs were revolved around fear and anxiety. Causing more fear and anxiety. It’s a vicious cycle, really.

But here’s my thought….

What if I turned my “what ifs” around?

What if I stopped my anxious thought and replace it with a life giving thought?

You could do this with anything, really….

Original thought: What if the world keeps getting crazier and crazier —–> What if I show kindness and compassion to others around me- and it has a positive impact on people?

Turning our thought patterns around is hard. For all of us.

But, I think putting this into practice is worth a shot, ya’ll.

Because, some of the things I’m seeing breaks my heart. It makes me mad and angry. But, I can’t just sit on mad and angry. I can’t just sit on sad and depressed. I can just sit on anxiety. I can’t just sit on lack of good communication. I can’t just sit on lack of action.


We are tearing each other down and creating division.

And…it’s ENOUGH.

We blame other people for the things going on in the world.

So, What IF….What would happen if we quit blaming our friend, our neighbor, our family, the guy that cut us off when we were driving, the mailman that got our delivery wrong, the President- GASP. I said it. Let’s be honest- sometimes Presidents make mistakes….let’s not even go down the road of our current President, because pointing out all his flaws won’t do anything.

What if WE rose to the occasion? What if WE showed the President what it looks like to bring our communities and our nation together?

What if WE showed that friend, neighbor, family member, mailman, how it looks to love, show kindness and compassion?

We all fall. It’s not a perfect process, but sitting in our current spot of complaining, finger pointing, name calling, and blaming is causing destruction and division. It’s getting us no where real quick.

So, let’s get out there.

Let’s go show kindness and compassion.

Each person on this planet has something stirring in their heart. Something that they have had enough of.

So, let’s go do something. Something productive. Something that HELPS and solves problems.

Do you have an idea on something that would help bring our nation together? Well, dang it, go do something about it. Don’t have the finances? You’re too afraid? Something else is holding you back? Well, dang it, figure out a way to get around that obstacle.

And every time we miss the mark- let’s dust ourselves off, figure out new way, stand up and do better next time.


Thank you for taking the time to read what’s on my heart, today.

-Rooted Mama


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