Sleep Away Camp

Yesterday, I left my oldest son at his first week-long camp. He’s there enjoying sports, outdoor activities, and growing and learning with God.

I’m thankful that we are able to stay nearby at my sister and brother-in-law’s house…because if we weren’t, I would not be as calm as I am now.

Leading up to Opening Day, I’ve been worried about him. Will he remember to take a shower every day? Will he eat well? These thoughts, among many others have raced through my head off-and-on over the past few months.

And then today.

When we arrived at camp, they had everything worked out to a T. I’m sure there have been things that go on in the background, un-according to plan as all things do when you’re planning events….but, you’d never know, because of how smoothly things went.

I was still unsure as we were walking out of his cabin….

And then the parent orientation…

Ya’ll- they have cleaning their cabin as part of their daily routine. Like, cleaning the counters, making your bed…

Planting seeds of the importance of life skills.

When I signed him up, I didn’t know what I was getting….

I can’t wait to share our takeaways from this week!

Have you sent your kid(s) to a sleep away camp? What values or skills did they bring back that stuck?!


Thank you for taking the time to read this today.

-Rooted Mama


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