The Open Ocean

She sat looking at the clear blue sky. Clouds hanging like cotton.

As her glance fell to the horizon- she felt an over whelming peace.

Just as peace washed over her, she absorbed the vastness of the ocean. It was then that she saw the tiniest glimpse of His perspective.

She remembered her life back at home, and how the every day feels like the coast. Gigantic waves crashing down. Often times, her head barely above the water-waves crashing over, and over. Frequently, she’s barely able to catch a breath, just before the next wave crashes in.

There- it feels dark. Fearful and constantly overwhelmed by the things she can not control. There, the focus is narrow- with no relief in site.

But here, the waves are calm. They roll gently, and are like the wrinkles in a shirt that has yet to be ironed. It is here that she realizes the beauty. She sees the big picture. What looks like chaos on the shoreline is beautiful out at sea. She feels the peace that He must feel. She notices the depth and the complexity of the world He created.

She takes it all in, allowing herself to be refreshed, and choosing the calmness of the open ocean waves.


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