Here we go!!!

As I sit here, and type this post…I am feeling all.the.feelings.


I have occasionally posted over the last four years. I have had big expectations. Big dreams. There has also been…life. There has been disappointment in my lack of follow through- from myself.

Then, I had to let go of that disappointment. I had to let things happen and fall into place….and not force things into my timeline.


We are finally in a season of chasing dreams. With that, I am choosing to re-start (again and again) blogging. I am excited. I am expectant. I am fearful. Most of all…I want to share/re-share with you all my passions…this time with dedication and consistency.


I expect it to be bumpy in the beginning. I expect it to be messy. I expect to not know what I am doing.


I am hoping for grace in the process.

What can you expect?

Me sharing from my heart about my passions.

What are my passions?

I have a lot:





Health and Wellness





And So many more that I am forgetting in the moment or have yet to find.


I look forward to sharing these with you, but more than that…I hope that my words and content add value to YOU. I hope that the content creates community and brings people together. I hope for interaction. Because, I have been in a place where I have felt unknown. So, if you are in that place…I want you to feel seen, known, and loved. While, I know that I can not be all things to all people all the time…I hope that this blog can be at least a stepping stone in your story.



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