Night Owl/Early Bird

Night owl or early bird. I’m curious…which one are you?

I’ve always been one that has had trouble going to sleep at night- and trouble getting up in the morning. I’m.not.a.morning.person.

There was a VERY short season where I felt like I was really able to thrive in this area.

When I was pregnant with my oldest…we were in a season where I could stay up late, get the things done that I needed to, nap during the day as I needed (so I could still get in about 8 hrs a day of sleep-because I also NEED me some 8 hrs of sleep!) , and still get other things done during the day.

It was a very short lived season. And, once I became a mom…I realized that sleep was important, I need my 8 hrs, and I needed to adapt to a teacher schedule. I couldn’t have it all. My husband also wasn’t too fond of being woken up in the middle of the night by my nesting tendencies. I don’t blame him. He is polar opposite of me. He is more of an early bird.

With youngest (now soon-to-be middle), I was teaching full time- so any chance of being a night owl just wasn’t working out for me.

Now, here we are with baby # 3. It’s 2:50 am. I probably woke up about an hour ago. And I’m realizing a couple of things. 1. Here my body goes getting ready to be up in the middle of the night when our sweet angel arrives. 2. Some of my most creative thinking happens during these times. I feel like this is a time where I can utilize my time to be productive and get stuff done.

I’m a stay-at-home mom, now. Since June, I’ve mostly been staying home. It’s been a huge blessing for me- and I’m so thankful for it. It’s been hard in many ways. I haven’t found my rhythm, yet. And, it’s probably a good thing I haven’t gotten used to any certain rhythm, seeing as how in 2 months or less it’s all going to change. I’m curious, though, to see how I can fit the way my body is programmed into our new season.

Any other mommy night owls out there? What works best for you…and your family?


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