Small Town, Texas: Lorena

So, I shared, back before summer, that there was a project that I wanted to do about small towns in Texas.

A new pregnancy, life, and pursuing God took the forefront of the summer and fall; however, a couple of weeks ago…i took the opportunity to go out to Lorena, Tx to take some pictures.

With this new project, I want to start with my hometown. It will probably take a few posts to share my experiences and thoughts…Let’s just see where it takes us. i actually did not like growing up there. I️ didn’t like the small town feel, I️ didn’t like that everyone knew everyone else’s business, and most of all…I️ just felt like I️ didn’t fit in (I’m sure that a lot of that had to do with the fact that I️ wasn’t the nicest/happiest/joyful person to be around).

There are a lot of things that I️ cherish about Lorena, now that I️ look back on my childhood.

* I️ really cherish the fact that we got to grow up in the same house for most of my childhood. It was on just under 1 acre of land. I️ got to experience 1/2 country life, 1/2 city life. I’ve got to experience life with chickens, a pop belly pig, cats, sugar-gliders, a couple of dogs, learning how to mow on a riding lawn mower, laying in a hammock under a big tree (don’t ask me what kind), picking mulberries straight off the tree and taking them in to wash, then eat them….those are just some memories I️ have.

* Looking back, I️ realize that I️ was able to learn about Community and that people care. I️ remember one day walking in Church, and Mr. Austin stopped me and said: “Hi Smiley!” Y’all…I️ was not the most smiley person in the world…but he took the time to stop me, tell me why he called me that…I️ felt known. From then on, he called me ” smiley” practically every time he saw me. I️ didn’t know what to do with it at the time, but I’m glad he spoke that truth over me. *Speaking of Church, FBC Lorena has some pretty amazing people. There are so many people over the years that have shown they cared. If you go in on Sunday, I️ can get bet someone will ask you about yourself, you might get a hug, or a handshake.

Check out this cool ministry they are doing, It’s called a “Blessing Box”. You can take food items, leave them in the box, and it blesses people who can then come and take what they need.

*My first job was in Lorena. I️ worked at Chicken Express. It’s now a Bush’s chicken. I️ may have worked there a year…David was the manager. Even in the change of a new store, he is still the manager there. I️ can tell you he’s hard working, patient, and kind. I️ learned a lot working there, but the most recent lesson I️ learned is, again, that people care. My mom told me, recently, that David will ask about me from time-to-time. I️ worked there for one year. In all the time that he has been there, and he remembered me….10+ years later. The people of Lorena care. They want to know about you and how you are doing.

4 thoughts on “Small Town, Texas: Lorena

  1. Hey Smiley. You are special and I am humbled by your words but know I always loved to see that smile and even now when I see you I love to see that smile. Come to church sometime as a lot of us “old” folks would love to see you and your sweet family. Very proud of you and for you.


  2. Well done! You have a gift and you were able to walk a complete stranger down a seemingly memory lane with you. Inspiring !


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