Have you ever been in a season of just complaining a lot or just being grump all.the.time? No? I’ll go ahead and admit that I’ve walked in many-a-season of grumpiness. 

I’ve found that the best cure is to retrain my brain to be thankful. 

I’ve noticed that a lot of times, when I’m grumpy or complainy- I’m plain ‘ol discontent. Again, the cure to discontentment- start being thankful for every small thing. 

This really hit me when my husband and I took the finance class, it’s called ReAlign, at our church. The couple leading the class talked about a time when they were discontent- and they started thanking God for everything in their house. (I’ll let you go to this website and find the preview video of Lesson 6 on contentment! It’s pretty powerful!) 

Thankfulness is a lifestyle-and I’m so glad to be walking in it! It’s something we should be doing year-round. And what better time to start than now- a season and holiday centered around thankfulness? So, how about a small challenge? 

This month, everyday, tell someone you are thankful for them or tell them something you’re thankful for. The challenge is- don’t stop there. Keep it going after November, keep it going into the new year. Make being thankful a lifestyle. It’s hard sometimes, but it will change your life! 

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