Double-Dog Dare

I have been so blessed this year to stay home, part-time. I feel like this has been the best year, in a long time. There have been some ups and downs, and overall, it has been great.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, I get to stay home with my 2 year old and have the flexibility to volunteer, go to events at my oldest son’s school, or work at home. I am SO thankful for the opportunities that have led me here…in this place…with my family. This is a place that I have wanted to be for a long time! I am so thankful to God and my husband for this season in life! This season has led me to writing this blog, getting back into my hobbies-slowly but surely, and figuring some things out in life…

I want to share a story with you from Monday…

My youngest son and I were in the playroom-we were coloring. We had already practiced with our ABCs and shapes, but Noah got bored. So, we moved to the playroom. Noah saw his brother’s coloring pencils from the night before, so I got him some paper and let him color. He would color for a bit, play with something new, then come back to coloring- and ask me for something in between. All the while, I am coloring in my new grown-up coloring book ( I just wanted to model the skill for him 🙂 ) and interacting/playing with Noah.

During this time, I have our music playing REALLLLY loud so that we can hear it (the computer is in my husband’s and my bedroom).

At a point when we are both coloring (I am doing a lot of thinking about a particular project I want to start), I hear these words: “I dare you to move”. You see…I had just been thinking about the hows, the whys, and the what-ifs of this project I want to start….the song keeps going…”I dare you to lift yourself off the floor…I dare you to move like today never happened before…the tension is here, the tension is here, between who you are and who you should be…” The song continues to talk about redemption, forgiveness, and salvation.

Hearing the words of this song hit me in two ways….

  1. Quit the what ifs, the whys, and the hows of life. If I want to encounter God, who He is, and what His plan and story is…I need to just do it. I need to get up and move and be the hands and the feet of Jesus- and I can’t wait to see what that will look like!
  2. It is really hard to pick yourself up off the floor! When you have hit a hard part in life, and it takes all the energy you have to just live…then at some point…you have to pick yourself up off the floor. My hope, if you are reading this, is that when you find yourself there…lying on the floor and you can’t get up on your own… let God do the hard part. Trust Him. Let Him lift you off the floor- He will put people in your life that will love and support you. They will show you His unfailing, unconditional love. Reach out to Him and reach out to them. You are not alone AND you are LOVED!

So…I dare you! Get up and move.


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