New Year, New Me

Just after Christmas,(what was that…like a week ago..haha), I began to mentally prepare for 2016. I was planning for things that I want to accomplish, trips I would like to take, and dreaming about things I hope for. Most of which I have kept to myself.

Then, on Sunday, God sent me a little reminder.

My husband and I were talking in the car, and he was telling me about the sermon that I missed at church. He said that the pastor talked about how during this time of year we all start planning resolutions and looking forward to great things in the New Year. Yet, hardly any of us have stopped to thank God for all He has done in the past year.


Way to stop me right in my tracks. He always has a way of getting our attention, doesn’t He?!

All relationships ebb and flow, especially our relationship with God. What I love most is that He finds us where we are, and speaks just what we need to hear. And He is right. I need to take some time out and thank Him for everything He has provided for in 2015, before I even begin planning for 2016. Can I encourage you to join me in doing this?!

Oh, and in case I don’t see you… I hope you have a safe and happy New Year!



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